The best games & apps for toddlers and kids

Torrent: The best games & apps for toddlers and kids
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Tags: android
Name Size
Kids Are Learning Premium.ver.1.1.apk 97.7 MB
Paper Tales_4.170511.apk 86.6 MB
sagosago.Planes.1.0.apk 85.1 MB
Babies-1.1.apk 83.5 MB
Musicbox1.6.apk 76.6 MB
LetterSchool FULL 1.2.2.apk 50.0 MB
Games for Kids Bundle 13 in 1 v1.0.Apk 49.4 MB
Rise-n-Shine.apk 46.2 MB
Playground 42.0 MB
Fancy Dogs_1.0_Mod.apk 41.2 MB
Color & Draw for kids v4.1.apk 32.9 MB
Writing Wizard v2.3.4.apk 32.0 MB 31.4 MB
Kids Preschool Puzzles-3.3.apk 30.8 MB
The three Billy Goats Gruff v2.1.0.apk 26.8 MB
save-the-puppies-premium-v1.5.0_Mod.apk 26.6 MB
my-virtual-dog-pup-puppies-v2-0-7-full.apk 24.4 MB
Kids Connect the Dots v2.1.2.apk 23.5 MB
Funny-Baby-Game-v4-0.apk 17.7 MB

I have 3 year old daughter and from various sources I collected this paid or modded apps and games. They are carefully selected, tested and very educative. Please seed for other kids!

Sago Mini babies
Color & Draw for kids
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Fancy Dogs
Funny Baby Game
Games for Kids Bundle 13 in 1
Kids Are Learning Premium
Kids Connect the Dots
Kids Preschool Puzzles
Sago Mini Music Box
My Virtual Dog - Pup & Puppies
Paper Tales
The fabulous Animal Playground
Rise n Shine - Balloon Animals
Sago Mini Planes
Save the Puppies Premium
The three Billy Goats Gruff
Writing Wizard Premium Letters



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