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VAI - 5203 - GRE Review

... postgraduate degree programs at American universities. Taken by more than 600,000 prospective graduate school applicants from approximately ... ... your GRE score a significant boost! In this jam packed DVD set, youll get extensive practice with a wide variety of GRE style writing,... ... With this user friendly program, youll learn how to excel on every section of the exam: for ANALYTICAL WRITING: foolproof methods ... ... quantitative comparison questions and for EVERY SECTION: must know tips for the GREs computer adaptive format that will help ...

TTC Video - Art of Public Speaking

Everybody is a public speaker. Maybe youre delivering ... ... conviction and confidence. Yet this is often easier said than done. Many of us have a deep fear of public speaking.... ... Louisville, a masterful public speaker who has delivered more than 1,000 speeches to all manner of audiences,... ... truth. All it takes is confidence, practice, and the knowledge of time-tested techniques and strategies ... ... by historys greatest public speakers-all of which youll find in The Art of Public Speaking: Lessons from ...

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