1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew

Torrent: 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew
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1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew
By Garth Johnson
Quarry Books | 2009 | ISBN: 1592535402 | English | 320 pages | PDF | 59.6 mb

Artists and crafters have always been recyclers, but for many, it has not only become a thrifty choice, it has become a moral imperative. 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse contains a cutting edge collection of the most inventive work being made with re-used, upcycled, and already existing materials. The work in this book ranges from clever and humble personal accessories to unique and important large-scale works of art, including paper art, fashion, jewelry, housewares, interiors, and installations.



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