Stinger - Disadvantaged 2017 ak

Torrent: Stinger - Disadvantaged 2017 ak
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Category: Music
Added: 4 days ago
Size: 108.8 MB
Tags: mp3
Name Size
01. Borrowed Time feat. Chris Laut.mp3
02. Up To The Limit.mp3 8.2 MB
03. Rock'n'roll feat. Carsten -Lizard- Schulz.mp3
04. Devil Rides Out feat. Mark Evans.mp3
05. Big Man feat. Luca Princiotta.mp3
06. Wasteful Bas' feat. Bob Richards.mp3
07. Rubber And Dust feat. Simon Wright.mp3
08. Crazy Lady feat. Tony Currenti.mp3
09. High Above Me feat. Simon Wright.mp3
10. Diggin' Your Grave feat. Dai Pritchard.mp3
11. Disadvantaged.mp3 11.3 MB
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Stinger - Disadvantaged 2017 ak

Year: 2017

Style: Hard Rock
Country: Germany

Format: 320 mp3
Size: 108.84 MB

Added: 18/06/2017
Files: 12

Length : 00:47:12

Tracks :

01. Borrowed Time (feat. Chris Laut)
02. Up To The Limit
03. Rock'n'roll (feat. Carsten "Lizard" Schulz)
04. Devil Rides Out (feat. Mark Evans)
05. Big Man (feat. Luca Princiotta)
06. Wasteful Bas' (feat. Bob Richards)
07. Rubber And Dust (feat. Simon Wright)
08. Crazy Lady (feat. Tony Currenti)
09. High Above Me (feat. Simon Wright)
10. Diggin' Your Grave (feat. Dai Pritchard)



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