Punjabi Single Hits 2016 MP3 128KBPS GOPI SAHI

Torrent: Punjabi Single Hits 2016 MP3 128KBPS GOPI SAHI
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I Am Single - Neha Kakkar GOPI SAHI.mp3 2.2 MB
Outfit - Guru Randhawa GOPI SAHI.mp3 2.5 MB
Sargi Saab Bahadar - Ammy Virk GOPI SAHI.mp3
Hornn Blow - Hardy Sandhu GOPI SAHI.mp3 2.8 MB
Ki Samjhaiye - GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.1 MB
Wakhra Swag - Navy Inder GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.1 MB
Na Ja - Pav Dharia GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.2 MB
Kangna - Preet Harpal GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.2 MB
Backbone - Hardy Sandhu GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.2 MB
Gangster Scene - Gursewak Dhillon GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.3 MB
Blessings Of Baapu - Gagan Kokri GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.3 MB
Patola - Guru Randhawa GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.4 MB
Amplifier 2 - Imran Khan GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.5 MB
3 Peg - Sharry Mann GOPI SAHI.mp3
Baby Marvake Maanegi - Raftaar GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.6 MB
Jmmy Feat. Desi Crew - Dhokha GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.7 MB
Shadi Dot Com - Ranjit Bawa GOPI SAHI.mp3 3.8 MB
Shaadi Dot Com - Sharry Maan GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.0 MB
Diljaani 24 Carat - Harjit Harman GOPI SAHI.mp3
Oh Kyu Ni Jaan Ske - Ninja GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.0 MB
Janjhan Lahoriye - Gurpreet Maan GOPI SAHI.mp3
Ring - Neha Kakkar GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.0 MB
Thar - Ranjit Bawa GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.1 MB
Sadda Move Raabta - Diljit Dosanjh GOPI SAHI.mp3
Cola Vs Milk - Anmol Gagan Maan GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.2 MB
Deck Swaraj Te - Jenny Johal GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.2 MB
Sadke Sadke Rabb Da Radio - Kulbir Jhinjer GOPI SAHI.mp3
Karvai - Tarsem Jassar GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.4 MB
Bomb Jatt - Amrit Maan GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.4 MB
Gediyan - Raj Ranjodh GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.6 MB
Mehndi Ik C Pagal - Babbu Maan GOPI SAHI.mp3
Taare - Aatish GOPI SAHI.mp3 4.9 MB
Akh - Ravinder Grewal GOPI SAHI.mp3 5.0 MB
Jaanu - Garry Sandhu GOPI SAHI.mp3 5.1 MB
Pyar Hoyi Janda Ae Arjan - Nooran Sisters GOPI SAHI.mp3
Yaad Yaar Di - Kulwinder Billa GOPI SAHI.mp3 5.2 MB
Harman Chahal - Armani GOPI SAHI.mp3 5.3 MB
Jind Mahi - Kulbir Jhinjer GOPI SAHI.mp3 5.6 MB
Saade Aala - Sharry Mann GOPI SAHI.mp3 5.6 MB
Punjab - Gurdas Maan GOPI SAHI.mp3 5.8 MB
Kangani - Rajvir Jawanda GOPI SAHI.mp3 7.2 MB
Guccci - Aarsh Benipal GOPI SAHI.mp3 7.4 MB



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