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09 I Want to Do Everything for You.flac 28.9 MB
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The pride of Austin, TX returns with her followup to 1999's marvelous LOWDOWN AND UP. Once again, Toni proves herself to be worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Billie Holliday, Maria McKee, Irma Thomas and Emmylou Harris-- she seeks out the unique songs of others (esp. Gwil Owen) and makes them her own. In other words, her amazing voice is matched by her instincts for seeking out material. Surrounded by a stellar group of musicians from her own road band and by special invitation (James Burton! David Grissom! Tommy Shannon! Lisa Pankratz! Stanley Smith! Olivier Giraud! Ian McLagen!), Toni delivers an engaging song cycle that mixes bittersweet irony ("Thank You for the Love"), funky realism (the percussive, Latin-beat "Work on It"), and tough as nails candor ("Who Needs Tears"). Some of the best moments are the bluesiest and quietest, such as "Right Kind of Man", "Like You Used to", and "We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye", where you'd swear Toni and company are sitting in your living room and playing some tunes just for you. Two other songs of mention are "Call of My Heart" (which was the show-stopper on Toni's recent appearance on Austin City Limits) and a lively duet with Malford Milligan (formerly of Storyville) on Joe Tex's "I Want to Do Everything for You". If you are are a long-time fan, you'll love this album, and if you're new to Toni, let's just say you will become smitten and soon devoted to this dynamic singer from the Lone Star State. (Amazon Review)

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