[bonkai77] The Heroic Legend Of Arslan [1080p] [DUAL-AUDIO] [x265...

Torrent: [bonkai77] The Heroic Legend Of Arslan [1080p] [DUAL-AUDIO] [x265...
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[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.23.The.Battle.for.the.Keep.of.Saint.Emmanuel.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [77DE11B9].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.01.The.Glory.of.Ecbatana.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [D111E9DA].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.02.Age.Fourteen,.Maiden.Battle.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [86BACB2B].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.03.The.Knight.in.Black.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [07CDC887].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.04.The.World-Weary.Strategist.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [AEE2A4B3].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.07.The.Beauties.and.the.Beasts.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [6A70744C].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.08.The.Treasonous.Hero.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [666E6924].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.09.Beneath.the.Mask.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [4FE85619].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.10.The.Lord.and.Master.of.Kashan.Fortress.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [D00BA492].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.11.The.Road.to.Peshawar.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [D5F61106].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.12.A.Knight`s.Loyalty.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [E290B986].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.13.Two.Princes.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [57D9FDBB].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.14.The.Foreign.Prince.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [7575A305].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.15.The.Black.Leopard.of.Sindhura.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [BE725946].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.16.Elegy.for.the.Setting.Sun.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [229BC222].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.17.The.Duel.Before.the.Gods.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [A4189436].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.18.Once.Again.Across.the.River.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [060BC858].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.19.The.End.of.Winter.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [FFC779C5].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.20.The.True.Face.of.a.Knight.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [55614055].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.21.A.Song.of.Farewell.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [4062E583].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.22.The.Night.Before.the.Attack.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [CE194CC8].mkv
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[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.24.The.Decisive.Battle.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [6BB233E6].mkv
[bonkai77].The.Heroic.Legend.of.Arslan.2015.Episode.25.The.Highway.of.Blood.and.Sweat.1080p.Dual.Audio.Bluray [7AA57D5E].mkv

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File Container: MKV
Video Format: h.265/HEVC [10-bit]
Video Resolution: 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio: 16.9

Audio Type: Mixed
Track 1: English (5.1 Surround) (default)
Track 2: Japanese (2.0 Stereo)

Audio Format: AAC-HE

Subtitles: (ASS)
Track 1: English Signs/Song Retail (default)
Track 2: English Subs Retail

Video Source:

Bluray | M2TS (A) | 16:9 | h264 | 1080p | TrueHD | Dual Audio | Softsubs (Retail) 134GB



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